You can go in this landlord’s plane when you rent one of his houses

It’s plane and simple: he just loves flying

In the crowded market for student lettings, it’s common for landlords to sweeten the deal with little ‘extras’. The bundling of bills, the promise of weekly cleaners, or even the services of a visiting gardener can hasten the signing of a tenancy agreement.

But Ted Mangion is flying in the face of his rivals, by offering all his tenants a ‘free flying adventure’ in his plane. Yes you read that right.

The amateur aviator, aged 58, has had his licence for sixteen years. Friends bought him a piloting experience for his 40th birthday, and since then he’s been hooked on flying. He hopes to inspire the same enthusiasm for the skies among Sheffield’s student population.

“I had this idea that I’d use it as an advertising arrangement”, said Ted, who lets a number of properties in the S10 area.

“I’ve been doing it for a few years now. I’ve taken three of my tenants up this year — the two girls had never been in a plane of any sort before.”

However, not all his renters are so keen to take him up on the offer.

“I had a house of six lads last year. I said: ‘If you want to go flying, I’ll take you’. But nobody was interested.”

“Some people would rather play on the computer, I suppose”, acknowledged Ted.

A happy tenant with feet back on the ground, after her flying experience with Ted

His personal highlight was a letting with three aeronautical engineering students. “They were absolutely wonderful; really keen and interested.”

Unsurprisingly, most of Ted’s properties have been snapped up for next year, but a two-bedroom house in Crookes is still available.

Tenants may find that they – and their landlord – are in for a wing-wing situation. We’re just gutted we’ve already signed for our houses for next year.