Domino’s on West Street has gone 24 hours

Margherita for breakfast, anyone?

Solving a problem you never even realised existed, the West Street branch of Domino’s Pizza is now open all-day, every day.

Since 25 January, the popular pizzeria has extended its opening hours by six hours – filling the gap between 5am and 11am.

It means waking up to a Texas Barbecue is now a reality. If that’s your idea of breakfast.

Manager Kartheek Chowdary told The Tab the store has had some mid-morning customers on their way to the station, but the 2am rush still remains one of the branch’s busiest times.

“People come in from the nightclubs when they’re drunk and they make an awful lot of noise”, he said. “At that time, they usually order the medium-sized two-topping pizza. For £5.99 you can stuff yourself.”

Kartheek Chowdary, manager at Domino’s West Street

Although Mr Chowdary said he has recruited new staff , he wouldn’t reveal how many more pizzas his shop now sells.

Euan Antona, 19, said: “I love pizza, but not first-thing in the morning. It’s not like 24-hour supermarkets, where people might need to call in for a pint of milk, on the way home from night-shifts.

“I just can’t really see myself banging on the door of Domino’s at 8am, demanding a Mighty Meaty.”

Sooooooo much pizza, for early-birds.

His friend Bobby Futter, a Journalism Studies first-year, disagreed: “Pizza is OK at noon, 10am, 8am, 5am… whenever. I wish everyone could break away from old-fashioned diktats, and be allowed to eat what they want, when they want.”