Bachelor of the week: Matt Hutchinson

Deep breaths ladies

Meet Matt Hutchinson, this weeks most eligible bachelor in the Steel City. In his second year studying English Literature, Matt’s had a year to find his feet in Sheffield and establish himself as hot candy in this city’s market.

With a BNOC status like Mr Hutchinson’s, it’s no wonder ladies flock round him, like seagulls round a cone of chips. But unfortunately, poor Matt is yet to find the woman of his dreams, could it be you?

Could you be having cocktails with our honey?

Around campus, Matt is well known and loved, a 6’2″ talented jack of all trades. From Forge Radio to the sweaty dance floor of Roar with his SUMFC football squad, this loveable lad leaves a trail of smitten young women thanks to his dashing good looks and supreme, yet self-deprecating, sense of humour.

As an English student, studying the likes of Byron, Keats, and Donne this boy is very familiar with the language of love. Whether it be a casual flirty text or an epic love poem, this hunk’s linguistics are sure to melt your heart.

Paint me like one of your french girls?

Matt’s a true romantic beneath the laddish exterior – his favourite film is Love Actually, topical as it’s almost Christmas. Matt “aspires to be Hugh Grant” but the man is well on his way with his chiseled jawline and his disarmingly posh accent. What could be better to warm up those winter nights than watching a classic film with our charming bachelor.

Matt’s spiritual home is none other than Sheffield’s student union. Whether it is Pop Tarts or Roar, Matt has a range of musical taste sure to delight any girl. Throw the occasional Tuesday Club into the mix, with one of his infamous wavy garms and there is not many ladies who could resist this heartthrob.

He’s chosen you

And with an accent like his, it’s no wonder he seduces the nation on Forge Radio every week. Whether you’re stressing about coursework or simply need to relax, his dulcet tones  are able to sooth you at any time of the day, not to worry.

His physique speaks volumes – you don’t get a body like that without the dedication and love this fella shows for his team and his sport. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll be the girl of his dreams and get just as much love as them.

On top of all this, Matt’s fashion sense is sure to impress. Whether it is a date in the peaks that takes your fancy or simply strolling round Sheffield, Matt knows exactly what to wear to capture the hearts and minds of the female population. Just watch out he doesn’t dress better than you on your date.

Check that windbreaker.

In keeping with this classically romantic exterior, Matt likes to woo a woman in a charmingly traditional way, he says he would “take a woman out for dinner and drinks – subtle and sly” for the perfect date. A candlelit dinner is the perfect atmosphere to get to really know the true Matt Hutchinson in all his glory. The approach has stood the test of time as the way to find your Mr. Right.

Fancy yourself as the mistle to his toe? Email in to [email protected], and you could be in with the chance of scoring a date with Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor.