Humans of the Diamond: Reactions to the death of the WiFi

Their exams were cancelled

Earlier today, Eduroam crashed, leaving many library-goers struggling to cope. Some were incredibly inconvenienced, causing an outpouring of emotion, others insisted they barely even noticed.

Wasted time

Biology second years Robert and Josh felt as if the uni had mugged them off, saying “our data analysis exam was cancelled. The one we’ve been revising for for the past 3 days”.

An unexpected extension will probably be a blessing in disguise, though.

Tablet-smashingly frustrating

Sav, another second year Biologist sobbed: “When it goes down it always happens at the worst possible time.”

Maybe no shoes is the key to staying connected

Fifth year medics Rebecca and Sarah were adamant that they were coping just fine, saying: “The only thing is at one point the wifi went down a bit and then I clicked it again and it was fine”, and that it “only went down a couple of times.”

Clearly some of the lucky ones.

Left wondering if she would ever hear Bieber again

Law second year Angela was left traumatised by the ordeal.

“I can’t listen to Spotify. It’s killing me.”

Wearing a diamond t shirt to the Diamond is commitment tbf

Mechanical Engineering second year Alex, however, remained too cool to be flustered by the palaver, saying “Obviously my MOLE’s not working, but other than that I didn’t know much about it.”

Alex was unavailable for comment when asked if maybe he didn’t notice MOLE going down because he wasn’t actually working.

Over the moon

Hannah and Jason, second year Biology students said: “Our exam’s been postponed a week and we all have deadlines so we’re pretty happy about it. The exam was done on MOLE so you could have been half way though it and it crashed.”

Oh, the humanity

Eduardo, another second year, was more upset. “We couldn’t do our quiz that we just had so we had to do it on paper.”