A Broomhill fire led to an evacuation on Whitham Road last night

No one was hurt

Broomhill residents were evacuated on Wednesday night after a fire in the basement of a Whitham Road terrace.

Emergency services closed the road at around 10.30pm, and three fire engines attended the scene.

An ambulance attended, but it is not thought anyone was injured by the fire

Neighbour Sam Ralphs, a second-year, said: “There were mental amounts of smoke.

“It was coming out of an open front door, and then we went round the back and it was coming out of a back window too.”

“I’d gone up to the Friery and by the time I came out there were fire crews, police, and ambulances.

“They’d completely cordoned off the street to traffic.”

Two properties were involved in the fire, numbers 183 and 185 Whitham Road.

The road was shut between Yorkshire Bank and the Notty House pub.

Evacuated residents huddled in dressing gowns.

As the situation unfolded, residents of the adjacent houses were evacuated outside.

Many still in dressing gowns, they were finally allowed to go back in at about 11.20pm.

The road reopened soon afterwards, and industrial fans were brought in to air the affected buildings out.