Sheffield University opens clearing two weeks before A-Level results

That’s a lot less time refreshing your UCAS page

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Sheffield will start its clearing process on July 27th, more than two weeks before A-Level results are released.

Thirsty Sheffield admissions tutors are on their knees, begging indecisive freshers to give them £9,000 a year.

The new move is said to give hopeful school leavers a head start in grabbing places on results day, meaning their applications will be considered first.

Lynsey Hopkins, Head of Admissions, told The Tab: “We decided that we could potentially help applicants who might be interested in a Sheffield place in Adjustment or Clearing by letting them register their interest before A level results.

“We can then look at their details and suitability for the courses and contact them on results day, helping them get ahead of the Clearing scramble.”

She went on: “We also discovered that the process was valuable to a small number of students who already had results.

“In each year of running we’ve been able to place a small number of these in advance of the main Clearing and Adjustment event.”

Competition is expected to be high this year with the cap on the number of students that can be accepted by each university lifted by the Government.

There is also an expected surge in last-minute applications after the announcement by the Chancellor to scrap maintenance grants from September 2016.