Sheffield giant water slide is no more

Imagine the speed down those hills

graves park sheffield Slide Slip the City summer water slide

Dreams were dashed after the plug was pulled on plans for a 1000ft inflatable water slide in Sheffield.

Thrill-seekers were left devastated when they learned the 300m long super slip n’ slide wouldn’t be rolled out for them.

American company Slide the City were due to set up their mega attraction at Graves Park later this summer.

Jo Taylor, Economics second year, told The Tab: “Me and my mates were so gutted to hear it wasn’t coming to Sheffield, this and beers would have been a pretty good memory for the summer.”

Hannah Jones, sociology third year, said: “I kind of thought it was a bit of a swizz to be honest, just like that cinema bullshit tour all over Facebook.”

The gigantic water slide was set to tour the all over the UK to provide entertainment to bored kids through the summer.

Sheffield City Council was  in the process of finalising agreements.

A council spokesman told the Sheffield Star: “I can confirm that the proposed Slide the City event for Sheffield is no longer set to take place.”

The only confirmed upcoming website dates are London during August and apparently ‘coming soon’ to Leeds.

We’ll see how that one turns out.