You can now buy Pop Tarts onesies

It’s a dark day for humanity

Just when you thought the union’s clothes offerings couldn’t get any more dire, they’ve released their latest God-awful creation in the form of Pop Tarts onesies.

Sadly, the onesies are not yet in store, but are available to pre-order online for £20 a pop.

Strong look

The unisex offering comes in a fetching mix of navy, grey and red or black and grey.

But not to fear, as a charming “apple green” women’s version is also available online.

So beaut

The website even jokes that they have decided “to offer the product as a bit of fun”, indicating the top levels of banter that the big wigs at the union must have.

English and Theatre third year, Katherine Miles, said: “Actually, don’t ask why, but I quite want one. And I don’t even like Pop Tarts that much.”

Fingers crossed for Ey Up themed pyjamas by the end of the semester.