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Deputy Editor, The Tab Sheffield

Chloe Maycock
Sheffield University


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BNOC of the year: Group three

It’s on

Second year starts safety campaign after brutal mugging

He was beaten and threatened with a knife

Christy McMorrow is our new SU President

Fingers crossed for a Lokkit fashion line

Hallam election candidate releases awkward ’50 Shades’ parody video

So topical

Glossop Road closed after incident in Broomhill

It is not yet clear what happened

I cried on Magaluf Weekender and now I’m a BNOC

And I don’t regret a thing

Basement Jaxx announced as Tramlines headliners

It’s double denim time

You can now buy Pop Tarts onesies

It’s a dark day for humanity

Anush from Balti King gives us his Valentine’s love tips

His ideal woman is Jessica Alba

Uni boffins make world’s biggest telescope

The detail you can see on the Sun will be the equivalent of being able to examine a pound coin from 100kilometres away

Inox Dine teaming up with Michelin starred restaurant

It’s well posh

Uni hands out millions in postgrad scholarships

Each scholarship could buy you 11,000 Jagerbombs

It’s snowing again

Don’t worry, exams are still on and John’s Van is open

Clubbers of the week

Exam season really hasn’t held you back

Ed Miliband came to Sheffield and promised not to ban Snapchat

And he’s got a mysterious tan

Don’t worry about your degree, we’re all going to be rich anyway

Sheffield triumphs in uni rich list

Man robs Crookesmoor Co-op armed with a machete

Police have warned residents that a machete was used in the attack

Thousands sign petition to stop noise complaints in town

Sick of noise? Deal with it

Another unimpressive result for Sheffield in Which? student survey

It’s official, we’re all just average

Want a sneak peak of this years naked calendar?

There’s real naked people and everything

Bake Off’s Howard Middleton stars in new uni musical

No, we’re not making this up

Lie-brary: Is the ban on fines all a sham?

In a word, yes

Hallamer proposed to at her graduation

Classic Hallam

This guy has designed a burger for McDonalds

Sheffield has a new takeaway legend

Professor Green turns on Christmas lights

And nobody gives a shit

Sheffield entrepreneurs reach World Cup finals

A team of Sheffield’s next Alan Sugars jet off to China to compete in World Cup finals

Klaxons hit the road with 3D printed guitars created by Sheffield grads

Yeah, you can print guitars now

‘Robberham’: Teens jailed for Crookes burglaries

Teenage trio jailed for burglaries across Crookes

Mardy drum: Arctic Monkeys pledge support to save Devonshire Street

Matt Helders rants at plans by the ‘bloodthirsty’ council

Students left out in the cold as accommodation deemed “a potential threat to lives”

Students left homeless after the council shuts down new student accommodation, the Heritage.

Train sex attacker rumbled as student snaps entire event on phone

Student exposes sex pest after capturing the attack on her phone

Sheffield Medic treks peaks blindfolded

Medic goes the extra mile and climbs peaks for charity- blindfolded.

Man charged with reported rape in Endcliffe Park

24 year-old Jamie Seaton has been charged over night following an alleged rape in Endcliffe Park last Saturday.

Sheffield tops uni rankings in Librarianship

University’s on the down, Hallam’s on the up, new stats reveal.

IC staff get fired up over smoking

Staff at the IC move smokers away from the IC, leaving them out in the cold.

Sheffield student crowned “Miss Scuba” Ireland

Sheffield student Amber Gamble wins beauty pageant, and is crowned “miss scuba” Ireland.

Sheffield student spreads Stephen’s story

Adam Coles, a Sheffield student and close friend of Stephen Sutton, helps in raising over £3 million for charity.

Sheffield’s ‘selfie’ Revolution

It’s official! Sheffield is taking too many selfies