This guy has designed a burger for McDonalds

Sheffield has a new takeaway legend

Third year Economist Luke Watson, has won a competition to design a McDonalds burger, propelling him within the reaches of BNOC fame.

This was part of the “My Burger” contest, where people got to create their ultimate burgers and submit them online.

Luke is one of five who has been chosen to join the McDonald’s menu for one week.


Luke was inspired by his love for jalapenos

Luke’s winning burger; “The Big Spicy Bacon Burger” mixes bacon, onions, jalapenos and piri-piri mayo in a chilli chive and sesame topped bun.

Luke said: “it was during revision time, and I was so bored that I just thought I might apply.”


Unfortunately, Luke doesn’t even get free McDonalds for all of his efforts

“To be honest, the whole time I was doing it I thought, oh, it’d be so funny if I win.”

Luke’s inspiration has come, simply, from the fact “he loves jalapenos.”

The twelve best creations were assessed by an expert judging panel at a special event in London, where the finalists also got to create their culinary masterpieces.

“When it came to the actual day, I’d been out in London the night before so wasn’t feeling too great.”


Owning it

“I was given a coach who helped me make the burger, and then I had to pitch it to the panel.”

Finalists had to pitch their burgers to panel of top dogs at McDonalds and, rather bizarrely, former England rugby star, Phil Vickery.

When asked about the other finalists, he said: “everyone was pretty cool, but there were quite a few weirdos there. Some people were super keen.”


Luke and the McDonalds manager, who treated him like a demi-god

Finally, we asked him how his new found fame has affected him: “I kept going into McDonalds smashed after Friday Leadmill, asking for free maccy’s as I’d designed a burger but they never believed me.”

“At least now they’ll know I wasn’t just being a dick.”

Luke’s burger will be available from this Wednesday for a week.