Union To Vote on Blurred Lines Ban

Union set to ban the song that supposedly promotes rape

blurred lines sheffield students union

Sheffield Students’ Union is set to BAN Robin Thicke’s controversial hit ‘Blurred Lines’ later in the month.

The SU council will vote on a motion to stop the summer anthem being played across campus on October 31.

More faffing about this bloody song

Official SU employees have already been blocked from blasting the song, which includes the lyrics “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two.”

The Tab reported last week that the NUS had called on Sheffield Uni to ban the song its Women’s Officer described as “deeply offensive and dangerous”.

But the blurred line created by stopping only SU employees from playing the song has already caused controversy.

At Friday’s Freshers’ Fair, a promotional van for sweet company Maoam parked directly outside the SU could be heard blaring the song, which supposedly promotes rape, at around 11am.

You can read Matt Arnerich’s opinion of the matter right here.


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