Notts Best Dressed: Halloween 2022

Is anything as scary as the updated price of Tesco’s meal deal?

Halloween is upon us. In a few short hours the streets will be full of pirates, prisoners and sexy kittens. With all these spooky characters about, Notts may feel a bit like the Halloween tourist town of Salem, Massachusetts, where witch trials, many moons ago, used to be commonplace. In Salem, it’s permanently Halloween. I’m told that you can’t escape that spooked feeling there.

Recently, you could say it’s been a spooky old time here too. The cost of living crisis is certainly pretty spooky, as is the price of energy bills, and have you heard that Tesco’s meal deal has gone up to a whopping £3.90? Terrifying. Here, we share Notts best dressed to take our minds off the current situation. From princesses to Pikachu, we’ve had a whole host of halloween outfits sent in.

The devil, a bat and a cowgirl

Rumour has it the cowgirl hasn’t been seen since.

Hugh Hefner and Playboy bunny

Men in Black plus alien

I’m liking the whole group’s vibe.

Mario, prisoner and bunny

A ghost



Bailey J Mills

Wizard of Oz

An eclectic mix

Pirate and nurse

The most original, winner!

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