A guide to the best nap spots on Uni of Notts’ campus

For when that hangover nap just can’t wait

Deadline season is in full swing and with dissertation deadlines and exams just around the corner, this means that workloads are about to ramp up again.

Whilst freshers get ready to wreck their sleeping patterns and livers, and final years get ready to graduate and leave Notts for good, tensions can be high.

With all this in mind, it is important to therefore locate the most relaxing spaces on campus to take a quick power nap in between lectures, that is if that post-Crisis Thursday 9am is ever going to be achievable. This being said, we narrowed down some good spots for an emergency forty winks if Lenton seems a bit too far away. 

Monica Partridge big green booths

Whilst some may argue Monica Partridge has become one of the louder and more social study spaces, it is undeniable that the green booths dotted about most of the floors prove to be a great place to sit back and relax after a long hard day of procrastination.

With a little cafe on the ground floor and two vending machines, there is plenty at your disposal for a post or pre-nap snack. This being said, the hustle and bustle of the late T&L building is something that may disrupt one’s napping ability and therefore it doesn’t quite get top marks. 

The Downs

If you’re extremely desperate for a quick sleep, maybe the great outdoors is your calling. The Downs offers a large stretch of greenery that could be enjoyable for a quick lie down during the warmer months, but maybe not something to try at the start of a term when the temperature remains in single figures.

Whilst being at one with nature sounds idyllic, the likes of Derby and Hugh Stewart residents backing onto the Downs make it highly unlikely this would be your best bet. 

Hallward Library level four, room 402

The deafening silence and warm temperatures of level four is something that campus nappers must experience. Whilst those around you are working tirelessly, you are able to put your feet up and recline in the comfy green seats in a room tucked away from the chit chat of busy students who come to the library to actually work.

However, despite the ideal conditions, Hallward is not somewhere you want to be unless you’re getting your head down – academically, not nap-wise. 

Hallward sleepers

Portland Coffee Co.

Portland Coffee is one of the most popular places on campus for a quick drink or bite to eat, which would make it one of the toughest places to successfully nap. Despite this, the variety of comfy sofa and chair options available may make it worth the wait for a good space, and who doesn’t love it when your alarm is one of the employees shouting for someone to collect their vegan sausage roll?

Make a friend in halls

Bunk up with a fresher friend in halls if you’re feeling sociable, there’s plenty to choose from. A bed is certainly comfier than a patch of grass but the amount of peace you’re going to get in halls is definitely a bit of a gamble.

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