Uni of Notts projects light show on to Trent Building in celebration of Chinese New Year

As if the Trent Building could get any prettier

University of Nottingham has celebrated Chinese New Year with projections of a light show on to Trent Building.

February 2022 marks the end of the year of the Ox, and the beginning of the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac.

It is part of a series of events by artist Barret Hodgson to celebrate the biggest event on the Asian calendar. The event was carried out by Lakeside Arts. 

The impressive display lasted 20 minutes, and was made up of visuals celebrating both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.


In a video of the projection posted by the BBC, entitled Xīwàng (Hope), displayed an array of colourful, bright imagery, reflected onto the University’s lake. Lanterns, flowers, and tigers can be seen to celebrate the year of the tiger.

Featured image courtesy of @uniofnottingham on Instagram. 

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