Stealth bouncers suspended after footage of girl being dragged across ground goes viral

‘You wouldn’t treat an animal that way, let alone a young girl’


Bouncers at Stealth have been suspended and the security company is under review after footage of a young girl being dragged across the floor and restrained against a fence circulated on social media.

Niamh Watson, 21, who has been a Nottingham resident her whole life told The Tab Notts that an altercation took place between her friend group and the bouncers at Stealth in the early hours of Sunday 7th November following an alleged racist comment from a bouncer towards Niamh’s friend.

The security company Stealth uses told The Tab Notts that the bouncers involved have now been dismissed.

Niamh claimed that one of the bouncers called her male friend a “dirty tramp” and also commented on the size of his nose and lips. Niamh started to film the bouncers with the intention of making a complaint the following day at which point the bouncers detained her.

Niamh said: “The bouncers started being racially abusive to my friend and they then attacked him and pushed him into a parked taxi.

“I started recording them as I wanted videos of their faces, they grabbed my phone and threw it and then they just went mad. They pushed my friends girlfriend into another parked taxi and hit her in the stomach so hard that she bled.

“They just kept pulling us all down where we had to defend ourselves. This resulted in me being pulled down to the floor and dragged in the gates of stealth and being held against the metal gate, strangled and unable to breath.”

In the footage the bouncers can be seen throwing Niamh to the ground and dragging her back inside the premises of the club by her hair where she was detained up against a fence. Niamh said that she she couldn’t breathe to such an extent that she was fearful for her life and in the footage she can be repeatedly heard pleading “let me go.”

From the incident, Niamh sustained bruising and cuts as well as losing clumps of hair.

Ellie*, a friend of Niamh’s that was present at the club and recorded the incident, told The Tab Notts “To physically drag a young girl by her hair across the floor then proceed to shove her against a metal fence as she is screaming in pain is not the right way to restrain someone.

“You wouldn’t even treat an animal like that, let alone a young girl”

A spokesperson for Stealth, Goldsmith Street told The Tab Notts: “We’re appalled by the video footage circulating regarding an incident outside our venues on Goldsmith Street. We understand how distressing they are and have taken the immediate decision to suspend the door staff involved while we carry out an investigation.

“We will also be reviewing Professional Security, the company which is contracted to provide security staff, to assess its suitability to continue supplying door staff to our venues. This will include looking at their code of conduct and training.

“Police were called on the night to assist and questioned the customers and door supervisors involved. We have invited the police to follow up and view our CCTV footage and will happily assist if they wish to investigate further.”

A spokesperson for Professional Security, the security company Stealth uses, told The Tab Notts: “We were appalled by the images circulating on social media and have dismissed those involved.

“We continue to work closely with our client and are fully cooperating with the relevant authorities. This behaviour does not reflect the very high standards that we set as a business and will not be tolerated.”

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