The results are in: These are the grimmest student houses in Notts

Prepare to be nauseated

We’ve shown you the bougiest student houses in Notts, so it’s only fair we also show you the grimmest. If you thought your leaking kitchen sink was a problem, you’ve seen nothing yet.

Prepare for the worst: from collapsed ceilings to flooding floors. If you’ve signed up to rent any of these properties next year, we offer our sincere condolences in advance. Here’s our shortlist:

Albert Grove, Lenton – £100 per week, five bed

Imagine returning back to your student house after the Christmas break to find your kitchen ceiling has collapsed. Well that’s exactly what happened to these students. The only perk to this literal downfall is the excuse for endless takeaways.

Aside from the derelict kitchen, the residents told The Tab Nottingham the house is “grim in so many ways.” With a leaking washing machine, mouldy desk chairs and rubble inside their food cupboards, I can certainly see what they mean.


Look sanitary

Can I find this same kitchen design in Ikea?

Lenton Boulevard – £120 per week

Is this house grim or is it just the tenants? A question many students, and indeed landlords, find themselves asking during the course of the year. This student property features a beer can littered garden, a floordrobe and at least a week’s worth of washing up.

Feels quite classic student house tbf


Ah that’s where my Thatchers went

Trinity Avenue, Lenton (just) – £80 per week, five bed

Many Notts houses have basements, and while some have been converted into a snug, den or bar, others more closely resemble a lair (for rodents that is).

This delightful basement features wooden spikes hanging from the ceiling and a strange beige substance covering the floor.

The property also comes with it’s very own day-bed, aka outdoor mattress complete with mould. But when you’re paying as little as £80 per week…what more can you expect?

Park Road, Lenton – £82 per week

Forget collapsing ceilings and mould, this student house shares a garden with the infamous Lenton “massage parlour”, Genesis II. Apparently, the customers and staff of Genesis II often used the shared garden.

Usually Lenton residents are kept awake at night by house parties, but these students experienced a very different type of noise…

Elmsthorpe Avenue, Lenton – £80 per week (excl. bills), four bed

This student property is prepared to welcome the burglars of Lenton with its collapsed fence.

Looking good babe

The interior is equally as wonderful, with curtains hanging from string halfway down each window.

However, the stray hangers attached to the bathroom ceiling and the rogue unplugged lamp for extra ambience while doing your business, have to be the property’s greatest highlights.

Forsythia Gardens, Lenton – £105 per week

Someone needs to explain to this landlord that tarpaulin doesn’t constitute a roof.

“Got a real bargain on this roof mate, £6.99 on Amazon”Sixth months of leaking ceilings in this student property led to slugs living in the puddles on the floor and collapsing ceilings above.

Hey friends!

Forget your fancy posters from Etsy, because this house comes with large brown decorative stains across the walls at no extra cost!

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