The results are in: These are the 10 bougiest student houses in Notts

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There’s a vast array of student houses in Nottingham, predominantly in and around Lenton, with the majority resembling those featuring in the ‘before’ part of Channel 4’s Ugly House to Lovely House. We’ve seen students combating mould, leaking bathrooms and rat infestations, but what about those living in luxury? We’ve done some research into the bougiest student properties in Notts to show you how the other half live. Here’s our top 10:

Mapperley Park, £135 per week, 10 bed mansion

With ensuite bedrooms, gated parking and multiple living rooms, this ten bedroom mansion is a contender for the bougiest student house in the country, let alone Notts. To eliminate those quarantine quarrels, there’s three fridge-freezers and two washing machines, while the lockable kitchen cupboards will prevent even the most proficient of pesky food thieves (you know who you are). If all that wasn’t enough, this house couldn’t be more convenient, as it’s just a 15 minute walk away from NTU.

A student house with its own entrance hall? Surely not!

One of two living rooms

It’s the french doors for me

Lenton, £160 per week

If the bar and spacious living room weren’t already enough, the large bedrooms in this house have their own en-suites and walk-in wardrobes. However, it comes at a price, as this modern student house costs a whopping £160 per week, but with the clubs closed… what else do you have to spend that student loan on?!

Newstead Grove, City Centre, £120 per week

This student property is split up into flats, so if you ever fall out with your own flat – there’s always the one below. With a grand staircase larger than most students’ entire houses, we’re leaving Lenton behind for the city centre. A house on Harlaxton or Harrington Drive for the same price, or this? I know where I’m choosing.

Derby Road, Lenton, £115 per week, 7 bed

Next up, it’s the famous ‘turret house’ on the corner of Derby Road and Lenton Boulevard, aka perfect positioning for a late night Sainsbury’s trip. Complete with large bedrooms, a modern kitchen and a driveway/courtyard for five cars, the exterior is not the only thing going for this house.

Harlaxton Drive, Lenton, £125 per week, 8 bed

The students inhabiting this detached house won’t have any rude awakenings from the neighbours. While it might not be the most modern of properties, this eight bedroom property has plenty of room. Conveniently located on the corner of Harlaxton Drive and Derby Road, those living at the other end of Harlaxton can only dream of being so close to the bus stop. Rumour has it as well that there is quite the basement for those low-key house parties- no 10k fines for this lot…

Derby Grove, Lenton, £120 per week

It’s modern and clean, a rarity for Lenton, what more could you ask for?! Spotlights line the ceilings for those perfect pre-drinks photoshoots, while the bedrooms have their own TV’s for those nights in. With artwork already featuring on the walls and stylish wallpaper, you can forget that crumpled poster from first year.

Highfield Road, £136 per week

A student house with an island/breakfast bar and eye-level ovens… surely not?! There’s no need to worry about purchasing LED strip lights from Amazon because this house already has plenty installed. This open plan kitchen also features a sofa too large to fit in most student accommodations.

Devonshire Promenade, £134 per week, 6 bed

Positioned next to the recreation ground, this student house is perfect for those based at QMC or Jubilee Campus. The terraced house has three bathrooms, which means just two people per bathroom, so you can avoid those squabbles into the shower before Crisis. Complete with a TV in each room and a covered bike storage at the rear, we can almost forget about the bright green furnishings.

It’s the exposed brickwork for me

Derby Road, Lenton, £115 per week

We’ve now reached number nine on the list and at this point I have realised that for my £125 per week I shouldn’t have been installing my own LED strip lights off Amazon. Though the LED lighting and glossy marbled kitchen floor are to be admired in this property, it’s the ultra modern bathrooms complete with a power shower that are most impressive. With a separate toilet room to the shower you’ll never be clutching your crotch as you bash on the bathroom door in desperation. And let’s not forget, this property is in prime location.

Johnson Road, Lenton, 125 per week, 5 bed

While on the theme of bathrooms, a shower like this won’t be found in many student properties. Additionally, this property boasts five spacious bedrooms and a decked out garden, so you’ll never have to worry about cutting the grass! Unlike the others featured, this bougie student house currently has one bedroom spare for the rest of the academic year…

I can already imagine the summer barbecues