Here’s how to get a Covid test from UoN before travelling home for the holidays

Tests are available to students from 23rd November

University of Nottingham is offering Covid-19 tests to all its students before they travel home for Christmas, here is how to book one.

Following on from the government’s announcement that there will be a ‘travel window’ from 3rd-9th December for students to travel home for Christmas from their term-time residences, UoN has announced its own plans on getting their students home safely.

In an email sent out to all students, UoN said that all their students will be offered the chance of taking a Covid-19 test before departing, either one of the government’s Covid-19 Lateral Flow test or from the uni’s own Asymptomatic Testing Service.

Lateral Flow test

When can I book this test? UoN students can book to take a Lateral Flow test anyday within the ‘student travel window’ from 3rd – 9th December.

What does it involve? This type of test involves a swab in the back of the threat and detects antigens.

When do I get results? It is estimated that students will receive results within a matter of hours.

How many can I take? The Lateral Flow test is limited to one per person.

How can I book one? You can book a Lateral Flow Test here, just log in with your uni details and follow further instructions.

Asymptomatic Test

Where does this test take place? This test is provided by the university itself and is carried out at centres across University Park, Jubilee and Sutton Bonington campuses.

When can I book a test? The centres are open to drop-ins anytime from 23rd November – 1st December. Alternatively, you can book a specific time slot from 2nd – 17th December.

What does it involve? The test is done by taking a small saliva sample.

When do I get my results? It is estimated that results should be received the next working day.

How many can I take? Students can book as many Asymptomatic tests as they like, depending on availability.

How can I book one? An Asymptomatic Test can be booked here, just log in with your uni details and follow further instructions.

Regardless of which test students decide to take, after taking a test, students should limit their contact with others and wait for their result before embarking on their journey home.

If a test comes back negative, students will be able to return home during the ‘travel window’. However, a positive test result will require the student to remain at their term-time residence for a further ten-day isolation period.

This means, as the Minister of State Michelle Donelan confirmed to the BBC, that students who test positive will still “have enough time to isolate and then return home for Christmas”.

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