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Nominations are now open for Notts BNOC of the Year 2019

Could you be crowned the next BNOC?

We all know that Notts is full of BNOC’s that could trample any other uni’s any day, but there can only be one who winner of the coveted title for 2019.

Anyone could be crowned as UoN’s next BNOC. Do you have a mate that seems to know everyone? Nominate them. Know that one guy in the library that can’t walk 10 metres without stopping for a conversation with someone else they know? Nominate them.

The fresher that has had their stomachs pumped on multiple occasions? N o m i n a t e them. Perhaps you think you’re worthy of the title? Don’t worry, you can nominate yourself.

If you think you are a BNOC or know one, you know what to do. Nominate them using the form below. The top nominations will be published, so be sure to fill the form out in detail, and then the students of UoN will get to vote on who is deserving of the title.