Corbyn was nearly stranded on Derby Road yesterday as his 21 bus was 40 minutes late

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by bus delays

Sightings of Jeremy Corbyn in the student area of Lenton left local residents shocked, and maybe even slightly confused yesterday. Ironically, the Labour politician was in the area regarding a meeting to discuss bus funds and, to no surprise, the bus he was planning to take to get there was a no-show.

Mr Corbyn was left in mystery, a feeling Notts students can relate to all too well in regard to bus services.

He stated via his Twitter: “I questioned the existence of the number 21 route, people say it does exist".

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When you remember all the memes that are going to be made out of you

This bus route was confirmed as being very unreliable by the Nottingham residents who stopped to chat, leading Corbyn to question the problematic aspects of cuts to the 21 service.

It’s no secret that the reliability of transport from Lenton to Kirk Hallam has worsened from government cuts.

In fact, the consequences of this extend further than simply arriving ten minutes late to a lecture. It's got so bad that the Labour leader would have been late to his own bus cuts meeting, as a result of bus cuts. Ridiculous.

Corbyn argues, which I'm sure we can all agree on, that: "If you had to get to work, if you had a hospital appointment, if you had to go see the doctor, if you were a care worker who had to go look after somebody and the bus didn't come, that's serious.”

Corbyn claims that a Labour government will deliver better and more reliable bus services.

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Crowd on passers-by on Derby Road

Jeremy needs to recognise that bus services play a vital part in communities across the country and deserve more funding and focus than we give them credit for.

Having said that, if the 34 stopped running, that would give us an excuse to miss more lectures. So maybe he's doing us a favour?