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Confirmed: Ocean looking to install card machines for the last Friday of term

No more scraping together coppers for one more VK

Ocean are planning to bring in in card machines for the last night of 2018, Andy Hoe has confirmed to The Nottingham Tab.

Since opening in 2005, Ocean has been notorious on forcing students to bring cash out on Wednesday and Friday nights as they don't have card machines inside the club- but that's about to change.

In a post in Buy/Sell today, Andy Hoe, owner of Ocean, has guaged the interest of Ocean-goers and Nottingham students about whether to introduce card machines in the near future.

Andy told us he's looking at two options for card payments, iZettle and Square, both used primarily in small businesses in the UK and in Canada, where Andy lives.

Andy has looked into getting card machines on the bars in Ocean several times in the past, but has never found anything that is quick or reliable enough.

Ocean are set to trial both the iZettle and Square system for this week's UoN Ocean. "With the new tech, and ability to test viability easily, I thought I’d put it out there," he said.

Andy told The Nottingham Tab: "If it goes well this week, we should have all bars set up ready for the start of next term or possibly even the last Friday before Christmas."

Jack, studying Geography in second year, said: "I can now finally spend all my student loan at Ocean on card".

Matt, studying Industrial Econ, argued that: "The [iZettle and Square] machines are really good. I have used them when running pop up bars at events and they are so quick for the user and easy."

Ross Brown, second year student studying Management, said: "I think it would have to be trialed and then would have a better idea of how long it takes to get served. With it being cash only in my experience I’ve never had to wait very long to be served whereas card payment may increase this waiting time."