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We know exactly what kind of person you are based on where you sit in Hallward library

The Starbuck-sitters are clearly not getting a 1st

Where you sit in Hallward is often too telling about oneself and how they act, eat, sleep, and most importantly, revise. After months of not attending classes, late essays submissions (with the 5% off everyday you're late penalties), not to forget, the late night exam seshs at Level 1, the dreaded exam season is finally upon us.

As Hallward slowly begins to reach its full capacity for virtually the whole day, there are patterns that emerge regarding where you sit in Hallward to revise and how that reflects on you:

Smokers area outside

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"Catching a quick tan and dat"

Now, really and truly, did you actually come to the library to get a quick tan and have a ciggy break? It's May time and the glorious sun is pouring its radiance on us, but if you tend to be the person who works on the greens outside or around the smoking area then you definitely have never-ending-pointless-conversations-syndrome. You'll claim to be on a 'study break', telling your mates that 'you're popping off for a short one, watch my stuff', before talking hours on end about how much revision you've done and how less stressed you are than term two. Long before you know, you'll be chainsmoking outside every 15 minutes to 'destress yourself from reading'.


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"What musical heat has my guy Lil Pump cooked up today?"

Hallward's undeniably prime chill destination is Starbucks, everyone knows that. Those who 'revise' here tend to utter things like "I can't work in absolute silence, I need people around me", in short, the procrastinators. Similar to hall JCRs – equivalent lower ground floor where students engage in chair races and updating their Snap stories, Starbucks is equally designed for gaining your caffeine fix and sorting your hunger whilst escaping the torment that is daunting revision for the five exams you have next week.

Main floor at Level two

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"I can feel the knowledge seeping into my skin"

Ah, the main floor. It's the first place you'll enter Hallward from, and the last place where you'll see your mates trying to finish revision based on the 10 lecture slides they missed during the term. The library's equivalent to your year 7 ICT room: the numerous desktops for ample procastination and eternal Twitter scrolls, loud chatting whilst authority couldn't care less, and plenty of seats where you bet your ass you won't be able to secure before you stroll in at 10am. By 2am of your all-nighter at Hallward, you'll resolve to shouting and swivelling down the main floor in your squeeky chair, as the remainder of revisers judge you.

Level three and four

"I need to clean up my desktop"

The primary place where a majority of students end up living their degreee. Level 3 and 4 are known for the silent policy: a pin drop can anger and torment the few that bury up in their little pod. From the endless cubicle desks and comfy green chairs, those who frequent these floors tend to have finally come up with a 'study plan' for their revision and now want to execute this plan with expert precision and accuracy, of course, if mum doesn't call to hear what you ate for lunch earlier that day.

Middle of an aisle

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"It all doesn't make sense"

Because Hallward is usually never empty and always full, you may resort to revising in between the shelves of books on Level 3 and 4. It's packed to the brim, and you're determined to scrape some reading for today, so you'll concede to studying on a stool with a book on your lap questioning yourself about why you bother with Hallward anymore when there's no space. Those who sit here tend to be the type of people who either love to work to the extent that they'll sacrifice the wellbeing of their bottoms, to those who have virtually waited to the last minute to get some work done.

George Green

The best place to sit in Hallward is not actually in Hallward at all but rather at the other side of the campus, George Green. The flashy, glassy library is a greater alternative to the popularized Hallward, with art students with a smoking habit claiming every possible seat and space in the library.

All in all , we students all always manage to survive (pass) the season so don't panic. With proper time management *cough*, motivational targets, organization and self-belief, you'll pass your exams with flying colours. And if not, there's always the long holidays to look forward to. Best of luck Hallward x