Sadiq Samatar Issa
Sadiq Samatar Issa

I’m a Blogger/Writer (For LinkUpTv and The Tab news site), Photographer and Music Producer (under the alias “S T H”) from Hounslow, West London of Kenyan-Somali decent, also spenting a large portion of my adolescent life in Mombasa, Kenya. I am currently studying a BA in International Media and Communications at the University Of Nottingham with an interest in broadcast journalism, tv and radio presenting, music production and A&R management.

We know exactly what kind of person you are based on where you sit in Hallward library

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Customers in disbelief as 12 KFC outlets across Notts close due to chicken shortage

No chicken any time soon

Notts Uni Tories are now sponsored by a male-only Freemason’s lodge

It’s part of a scheme to enlist students into Freemasonry

Dates announced for two weeks of lecturer strikes at UoN

University staff will strike for 14 days across 4 weeks in opposition to pension scheme changes.