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There’s a special place for everyone


There's literally a night out for every day of the week in Nottingham: Pryzm Monday, Ink Tuesday, Rock City, Ocean and Coco Tang Wednesday, Pom Pom Thursday, and Ocean Friday. However, with more clubs than you can count on your whole two hands, it might be quite confusing sometimes to decide where to sesh on your night out.

But, alas, we have compiled all the most popular establishments in this city and ranked them accordingly on where is the best set out on your big night out.

Pryzm Lemonade Mondays and Tape Tuesdays

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Pryzm is a safe club for a big night out on the town, catering to literally the six imaginable music tastes in their six moderately sized rooms. The club sums up life at uni: way too many things to try out and you’ll end up sticking with friends you love but vibes you hate. Compared to other clubs, Pryzm is the cheapest, maybe in this part of the country, with £1.5 single vodkas ensuring the most cost affording way to forget you’re at Pryzm.


Well, what else would you expect? Crisis is the gem of nights out in the city of Notts, it's what defines a big night out in the city: cheap booze, great vibes, and fucking rowdy. The rugby lads, hockey boys, tennis kids and footballs girls run riot in their figurative and literal second home, until they wake up in the morning already counting down the days till their next great sesh. It is just a great fucking shout. It isn’t your heaven on earth and many give it a bad rap for being basic, but that’s what it really is.

Coco Tang Wednesday’s

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Coco Tang – or as Asian Soc’s call it CCT – is a weird one; it’s dark and mystique in a 90s-esque Hong Kong decor and has a very strange vibe to it. Once you enter its wide doors just outside the Lace Market Area, you’ll feel like you’ve ended up at the wrong night, but walk down the stairs and you’ll realise you’re still in the Midlands but just with more Hong Kongers than locals. Every Coco Tang veteran you’ll meet will advise you to down as many Limon Dragons (one shot of absinthe and vodka and lemon juice) as you can, because that’s the way to enjoy Nottingham’s chic club night.

YOYO Thursdays at Pom Pom

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Pom Pom is your average night out which most certainly has the capability of being a decent night out if you're with the right crowd. However, when moderately bevved it’s a bit like – you either love it or you hate it. Often the only acceptable part of the night is when the confetti rains down giving you 30 seconds of happiness. Drinks are normally priced, vibes are great, the R&B room bangs – Pom Pom is a package night out.

Shapes at Market Bar

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Shapes is a perfect night out for you to show off your recent Depop purchase and wavy garms, whilst semi-enjoying yourself with an empty Red Stripe in your hand. It's where the ultra-cool, the upper echelon of Lenton go to party. Although you can't act like you're having too much fun, thats bad. Like any Shapes regular you've just got to close your eyes, mong out, and feel the thumping bass flow through your hands that are shaped like guns.

Trent Ocean and Ocean Fridays

Another fan-favourite for both Trent and Uni of students in Notts on Wednesdays for the official Trent night and Friday for Uni of. Ocean is only good when sufficiently waved on an handful of how many VKs you can wedge in between your two hands. But don’t worry, drinks prices are high while the standards of music is impeccably low at times – with it being quite easily being mistaken for an ABBA tribute act. And no we’re not in Baywatch, we’re in the central Midlands on a blissful night at one of the best clubs in Notts.

Ink Sessions

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Beyond its construction-site, sticky floor, edgy Brixton-y aesthetic, Ink is the go-to club for many R&B and house lovers. Featuring one fuck-off hall playing house music till 4am, Ink still caters to the seemingly majority of Notts students who like house and swaying their heads, shoulders, knees and toes back and forth. The absolute gem of Ink deservedly has to be the three floors of increasingly duttier R&B, from the first blue floor of classic 00’s bangers, to the mosh pits and Soundcloud rap at the top.


Stealth is a night that wants to be in Leeds, for the people who want to go to Uni of Leeds. Some say it’s where the word sesh originated from, and that the many sesh heads of the Midlands descend on Stealth every year as a pilgrimage of some sorts to engage in the dark decadent behaviour which occurs in this club. The humidity and smoke fills the air in the main room as clubbers flail their limbs because they just don’t give a shit right now and about you. If you can’t handle the weather inside, the smoking area is rated by many with special patio heaters. Piff ting.

Trent SU on a Saturday

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Apart from attending a university which prides itself on drinking and their tolerance to drinking, going to Trent means that you’ve also got a bloody club night to yourselves in your own SU. Surely, a nightclub in an SU building in the middle of campus can’t be fun, but you’ve just go to trust every Trent student who’ve braved the night and lived to tell the tale. It definitely gives you the just-gonna-pop-next-door-to-the-club sort of vibes when you hear it from your Trent friends.

The Brickworks

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A slightly more evolved version of Stealth, this is the club where those have realised Stealth isn't as cool as once thought it was typically gravitate towards. Most of the events are either dark and experimental Techno or Bassline/Drum and Bass events each attracting a crowd of oddly dressed home counties teens or Stone Island clad locals both of which are desperately hoping the bouncer isn't behind them so they can finish off their last pinger in peace.

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