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Milk society, kink shaming, and Crisis: A collection of the best posts from Notts buy/sell group

People just want a Crisis tix

The locally famous Notts Buy/Sell tickets is the Facebook page that has blessed every student for countless too many times. It is both a gem for those scouring for a last minute Crisis ticket, and a glimmer of hope for those seeking reunion for their missing debit card. A reportoire of cool and fresh banta means you'll struggle to leave.

The Tab Nottingham has teamed up with the founder and admin of Notts Buy/Sell, UoN History graduate Rebecca De Beukelaer, to round up the naughtiest, weirdest and most 'so-Notts' posts from the past twelve months.

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Here are the posts you've liked the most:

Notts Buy/Sell provides hope for the hopefully hopeless

One would-be Crisis goer had made a deal with the club: 15,000 retweets and she was there. There was only one place to turn to achieve this:

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She didn't make the cut

And dignifies the hopeless

It always important to maintain a positive attitude when scouring for Crisis tickets, the more hopeful the better.

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The kinky fresher who just couldn't wait

Everyone likes dressing up in costume for Ocean, not suprisingly a sexy policeman showed up…

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Notts Buy/Sell helps those in trouble reconcile with their tormentors

To the men implicated within this post, we apologise for the problems caused in this love triangle.

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Notts seems to have a lizard problem this year

The problem is is that lizards arent natural to the Lenton area, however, a free glass box is going for 40 quid!

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The Christmas Joke, Mark

You what, no turkey?! You idiot, you total fucking idiot! That was your job you fucking moron, you cretin

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Disgruntled international students runing riot

Come semester two, this anonymous student will have to brave his journey back from the serene and liberal Nottingham to the land of Trump.

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The misfortunes of a third year

This third year student got 300+ likes on each photo, and with the hopes of this group, reuniting himself with his beloved accessory.

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Lost animals seems to be a recurring thing on this page

The exams were a tumultuous time for many students, hopes were high for this student how just wanted his right footed slipper back.

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Meal deals, 100 words written in a day, and a beaut footy game

The unofficial officially best library on UoN campuses holds many secrets to its name, this footy game set up in the viewing room being one of them.

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A milky and angsty situation in Lenton destroying the student village

A second year got antsy when he discovered milk suddenly began to disappear, he was so annoyed he had to vent his frustration somewhere.

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A bin situation in Lenton destroying the vibes of the student village

This picture poses more questions than answers: why do they have bins in front of their door? Practical joke? Whats so heavy in bins?

A crisis before Crisis

The fire on their group chat spread to their kitchen which prompted the fire brigade to clean up after the messy students.

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People will do literally anything for a Crisis

Nothing like a picture of a wholesome dad posing next to a juicy beef wellington to lure a Crisis ticket out of someone.

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Notts Buy/Sell is a beacon of light for every student

This must've been a shocker of a time for anyone logging on in the morning to see their four-wheeler nabbed by the council.

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