Meet the SU Candidates: Community

Because literally no one reads the manifestos

SU election week is in full swing and while everyone knows the most important race is the one for president, there are 13 categories open for voting this week. One of the forgotten 12 is community officer, who is responsible for decisions regarding students’ housing, welfare and safety.

You can find the candidates’ manifestos here, but really no one has time to read those, so here’s a round up of basically everything you need to know.

Ellie Mitchell, English 3rd Year

Slogan: Get Mitch or die tryin’!

Key promises:

– restrict how far in advance crisis and ocean can sell tickets

– seasonal pop up bar and cafe ‘Mooch by the lake’

– push the university to pay all employees the living wage

– develop a housemate finding app

Greatest achievement: came second in exam season best dressed

Moonisah Iqbal, Geography 4th year

Slogan: #jointhecomoonity

Key Promises:

 – continue to create a Rate-Your-Landlord online platform

– improve food on campus

– work with local forces to tackle hate-crime, sexual harassment and improve bouncers’ training

– get more water fountains and microwaves on campus

Greatest Achievement: getting endorsements for her campaign from previous Officers, Angharad Smith, Dan Rattigan and Tom Parker

Sami Hawari, Law 3rd year 

Slogan: #SAFEwithSAMI

Key promises:

– larger offices for the SU staff

– create a more inclusive freshers’ week program

– establish a video games ‘lab’

– introduce more flexible meal times in halls

Greatest achievement: his involvement in university life

Priyanka Vij, 3rd year 

Slogan: #PRIoritisingYOU

Key promises:

– enhance community relations for under represented students at UoN

– increase the number of bike racks, campus maps, signs, drinking fountains and microwaves in places like Hallward

– more safety for students on nights out

– work on the international students rent guarantor form so international students don’t have to pay rent upfront

Greatest achievement: always being “super friendly, enthusiastic and a happy person”