All the things distinctly less annoying than Eduroam


Eduroam is down every other day at the moment, right in the middle of end of term deadlines, and it’s officially the most annoying thing on campus. Here’s a definitive list of all the things less annoying than Eduroam.

When a not even full 34 drives past at 8:50am

Not being able to take a drink into the Ocean smoking area

Suffocating in BCL

Your mate that always pulls a guy in a tie and chinos at Crisis

Joining the Ocean queue at 9:30pm and still not getting in

So precious, so elusive

Waiting 30 minutes for the toilet in ocean and a bitch cuts in right at the end

Having a book requested back a day into your loan

The 903 bus

The queue for ‘Starbucks’ in Hallward

Being filmed for CNN at Crisis and not making the final  cut

Student Services

Waiting 25 minutes for an iced latte in Hallward to find out there’s no ice

Having a Thursday 9am

Needing to buy a ticket for Crisis six months in advance

Not being able to find a plug in the library at 10am

Missing Baywatch cos you’re in the toilet queue

Portland Hill

Buying a £60 text book you never even open

Having your jagerbomb split all over you 20 seconds after you buy it in Crisis

Paying £9000 of tuition fees and seeing it spent on a giant tv