Nottingham Gin Club to open next month

This is the news the people want

In news that will delight all students who like a drink but also the finer things in life, a club based entirely around gin is launching in Nottingham next month.

Preliminary, Nottingham Gin Club will run for six months from December to April on the second Thursday of every month. Each occasion will give gin lovers the opportunity to taste a range of exotic tipples, all paired with fancy tonics and garnishes.

Each Gin Club will run with a different theme, with December’s of course being along a festive line, starting with their Winter Warmers night, which apparently features an intriguing Christmas pudding gin.

The club will be hosted at Debbie Bryan’s Shop in Nottingham’s fancy Lace Market, meaning a sophisticated evening about gin will have a fitting setting. The downside is that each event is imited to just 30 meager places.

Tickets are on sale now for the price of £25. Get yours here.