A Nottingham student has written a song he calls ‘The ultimate pre drink anthem’

‘Slap your lecturer in the face if you’re going out tonight’

Meet hashtagobi, the Nottingham student making music about pre drinks, student loans and revision (it’s really not as dull as it sounds).

Obi is a Software Engineering student in his final year at the University of Nottingham. A month ago he released the song “u going out tonight” on his YouTube channel “hashtagobi”. According to him the song “details a typical student night out from top to bottom, from cab rides, to the club, to the inevitable kebab shop at the end. It also features a very impressive lyric video and the content is relatable to every uni student.”

Here is said impressive lyric video:

Obi says the idea for the song came to him in first year when he decided he wanted to “properly describe a student night out in a song, create a hook that could sound like an anthem and that could become a club song”. The song references taxi drama, losing your friends in the club, and of course post night out chips. It also involves slapping your lecturer in the face? Definitely questionable… But Obi also says his favourite night out in Nottingham is NG1 so that’s questionable too.

However, so far the reaction has been good: “People have said they can relate to it a lot, I heard it at someone else’s pres once and almost died. I didn’t even know them but they were a fan, that was wavey.”

Another of his songs “Student Loans Dropped [Money!]” featured on a BBC introducing radio show last week. This one is about another universal student feeling of when your student loan has just “dropped” and you basically spend it all in two weeks.

Who knows what’s next, deadlines, one night stands or the constant queue for Starbucks in Hallward? He’s got student life down to a tee.

Honestly, I’m not sure where Obi’s been all this time, he’s definitely a BNOC in the making, and with lines like these he’s set to be making waves in Ocean in no time.