Vote for the best 7-legged team of 2016

Congrats, you made it

7000 students descended on the centre of Nottingham last night for the 51st 7-legged bar crawl. This year, the costumes were on form. Current political statements, old classics and lots of body paint were paraded.

We went and found the best from the night. You tell us which one is your favourite.

The Kimmy 4

The one night where you can come out wearing the same thing

Trump for PRES-ident

Can any other team Trump these guys?

Cards Against Humanity

I drink to forget… but I always remember what happened at 7-legged

The Classic Caterpillar

Left, Right, Left, Right – Synergy is Key

Alice in Chunderland

Where’s Tweedle Dee?

Springfield Five

Past Maggie’s bedtime

Dumbledore’s Army

Strong effort was made – Fave the pink suit

Trump and his Amigos

“I love Mexicans”

The Balfour Quartet 

This particular quartet has 5 chaps

Vote for the best team below: