Cringe, laugh and cry: Here’s the best of Notts’ freshers pages


With just under a week until 2016-2017’s class of freshers move into Notts, the university Facebook pages have been live with excitement, expectation and unusual questions.

So we decided to explore what some of these soon-to-be students were saying. From the cute to the downright absurd, we’ve got it all.

If you want to see what last year’s batch were getting up to then take a look here.

Looks like someone has their eyes set on the Comedy Society when they get to Notts



When the page itself is more desperate than the freshers




Easy breezy

You’re all going to have to be this desperate to get Ocean tickets


No, probably not. It’s just you and Indiana Jones


Who ordered a legend


Wouldn’t wanna miss out on freshens week

Comment for “You’re the one”.

So millenial