Nottingham students are the fifth hardest working in the UK

Uni is too expensive to settle for a 2:2

Nottingham students are the fifth best in the country for dedicating time to the reason they went to university, to study.

According to new data released by the Natwest Student Living Index 2016, Nottingham students spend 32.31 hours per month studying, narrowly beaten by London students who spend 32.71 hours each month.

Cambridge came top, with their students clocking up a massive 47.62 hours of studying every month, followed by Oxford students with 40.49 hours.

The average student dedicates 30.77 hours to the library each month with Leicester University students spending the least amount of time studying, only 24.32 hours. Other low scorers include Liverpool, Leeds, Portsmouth and Brighton.

Being charged £9k a year to be at university means that you should spend most of that time studying. Yes, there’s time to have fun too, but what’s the point of spending all that time and money to not do any work and come out of it with a 2:2?

See the full results of the Natwest Student Living Index 2016 here.