1 in 5 students at the University of Nottingham want to leave the EU

There are many euro-sceptics among us

The Tab Nottingham conducted a poll yesterday on how Notts students would vote in next week’s EU referendum. The results are now in.

After 670 of you participated the numbers show that 1 in 5 students at the University of Nottingham want to leave the EU.

The Remain campaign convinced 77%  of Notts students while 3% of you are still undecided on how you will vote on the 23rd.

George Highton, a UoN Ancient History 3rd year who leads Nottingham’s ‘Students for Britain’, talking to the Tab commented on the Leave campaign in Nottingham saying:

“We’ve had a great response to our Leave campaign in Lenton and on campus

“In several panel debates that I’ve spoken in and been to there were definite swings from ‘undecided’ to ‘Leave’ after the issues had been discussed

“With students in particular, once you explain that, for example, you don’t have to be in the EU to take part in Erasmus (like Israel or Iceland) there is a real desire for Britain to be a more global nation in our outlook by leaving the EU

“Many students have been very concerned about the passport discrimination between EU/non EU citizens where by, for instance, an Indian engineer faces a really tough immigration system but anyone from the EU can come to Britain, no questions asked”

With 6 more days to decide, how will you vote?