It’s official: Forum is the worst club in Nottingham

No one’s surprised

After you voted in this poll last week, The Forum is officially Nottingham’s worst night out. With 36 per cent of the votes it was a solid win (or lose) for Forum with Oceana a close second, holding 21 per cent of your votes.

Previously voted the fourth worst club in the UK, it’s sealed it’s spot as the worst club in Nottingham. Gatecrasher won that accolade two years ago, but has since closed and reopened as Ink.

By a process of elimination it would seem Stealth vs Rescued is the preferred night out among us, although it might just be because no one cares enough to vote for it. Stealth, Ink and Ocean divided opinion despite them being some of the most popular nights out, a lot of you seem to love to hate them.

Sums up the entire establishment perfectly this one, although very offensive to Anne Frank, it is accurate.