Victory is ours! Nottingham beats Trent at Varsity

Haha Trent sucks

Superior in academia, and now superior in sports. Last night UoN clinched the 2016 Varsity series, proving we are better than Trent in every single way.

The sport that brought the title home was Futsal, whose men’s team beat Trent on penalties; taking that extra point that took Nottingham to an unassailable 11-7 lead, with only 3 points left up for grabs.

In what has been a fantastic year for UoN sport, the Varsity Series victory really proves to be the icing on the cake. Student Union Sports Officer James Bramley broke the news on Twitter, and exclaimed his excitement in emoji form:

This is the fifth consecutive Varsity victory for UoN; so Trent if you could get it together and give us some competition, it would probably be appreciated.

This year’s Varsity Series saw many highlights for Nottingham’s green and gold: particular commendation must be given to our American Football team, who beat Trent for the first time in their eight year history, as well as to all who brought victory for Nottingham on both Super Wednesdays.