It all kicked off in the crowd at Ice Hockey Varsity

Fights on the ice and in the stands

In something of a tradition it all kicked off again at ice hockey last night. 

The biggest varsity event of them all, ice hockey always causes high tensions and a lot of aggression on both sides. Trent won without too much difficulty (first time for everything) with the final score 9-5, but it was all too much for both sides.

After fights last year, security was upped and supporters couldn’t be trusted with any bottles (glass or plastic) banned and all drinks were served in plastic cups to prevent any serious harm being done.

Despite this, during the match fights broke out on the rink and in the stands. The worst of the fighting took place in blocks 10 and 11 between the Uni of and Trent supporters, where several people were punched, drinks thrown and spat over children, before security could intervene.