Psychology were asked to sit 60 credits of exams in just 27 hours

Luckily they moved one of them

We have all had it when two of our least favourite exams have ended up on the same or adjacent days during either the exam seasons. But all second year Psychology students had a lucky escape when they nearly had to sit half a year worth of work in a day and a half.

UoN timetabling services had scheduled the whole year group to do 60 credits of exams in 27 hours, every student’s nightmare.

After exam timetables were posted today the whole year group erupted in outrage and took to Facebook to spread the word and inform their fellow students of this “lack of consideration”. Also saying it “is not only ill-thought out but highly stressful and likely damaging to student’s potential to perform as usual”.

If this wasn’t bad enough they have deadlines for the 2000 word essay and a 3000 word lab report in May to go with the 60 credits worth of exams.

This uproar lead to a barrage of angry emails being sent to the timetabling services to reconsider. One student spoke to the office and got the reply that it is “highly unlikely we can do anything now but it would be good to know for the future if these are 2nd year core modules”. But psychology students didn’t give up.

With the whole year group crying out against the University’s exam services they moved the Statistics exam to a later date in the three week exam period. The power of “a million emails” and quite a few outraged second years got the Uni to correct their inconsiderate actions.

The new date and time for the statistical methods exam is the 21st of May at 9:00am.