Jeremy Corbyn visits Jubilee Campus for Labour party rally

He also had a selfie with a statue

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the University of Nottingham yesterday evening to deliver a talk to Notts students and invited supporters.

Before the rally, Jezza was taken around the Elizabeth Frink Exhibition at Nottingham Lakeside Arts, and even had time to take a selfie with someone nearly as rigid as David Cameron.

People that take selfies with iPads are the worst

The opposition leader said: “Well done to Nottingham University for putting on the Elisabeth Frink exhibition. It is a wonderful display. I like Horse and Walking Madonna, with which I took a selfie, and the reconstruction of the studio and workshop.

“She was one of the great sculptresses of our age and we have to always have space for art. I want us as a society to make sure that all new buildings have space for art so that the next Elisabeth Frink can be displayed.”

Corbyn received a standing ovation from the 500 strong crowd as he arrived to address East Midlands Labour supporters in the B52 lecture theatre on Jubilee Campus.

Please collect the slides from the front

The Islington MP met our Student Union Executives as well as Vice-Chancellor Sir David Greenaway, who probably asked him to increase his salary if elected.

Corbyn spent most of his speech criticising the Government, but backed junior doctor strikes and ended with a pledge to lead Labour to victory in the next general election.

JC with our VC

In an announcement yesterday he said: “Jeremy Hunt’s decision to impose a contract on junior doctors is provocative and damaging. Rather than helping to resolve this difficult dispute, his action will only inflame it.

“We need to recognise the huge contribution junior doctors make and the years of training they go through to look after us. These are people dedicated to our health and our NHS.”