Hundreds of Notts students are offering themselves as ‘sugar babies’ to rich older men

Nottingham is the third largest ‘sugar baby’ uni in the UK

Hundreds of Nottingham students are flocking to ‘sugar baby’ dating site SeekingArrangement to fund their studies by selling themselves to rich older men.

Cash-strapped girls are joining the racy website, which sets up mutually beneficial relationships, to make money from hapless men who are forced to buy female contact.

I bet her parents were proud at this graduation

In 2015 there were 116 new sign ups by students from the university, bringing the total number of Notts sugar babies to nearly 700. This is up by 44 per cent from the year before, showing that more skint students are resorting to offering themselves as companions for the rich and desperate.

Those who sign up with their University of Nottingham email address or show proof of enrolment are handed free premium memberships, allowing them to attract and communicate with potential sugar daddies for free. University sugar babies receive an average of £2,000 in monthly allowances, as well as being pampered with extravagant meals and exotic trips, in exchange for “accompanying” older men who can’t find love despite being wealthy.

UCAS have said the entry requirements are DD

The benefits for hard up students are financial stability and a date with someone old enough to be your Grandad, with the average sugar baby spending their allowance on tuition fees, rent and books. The rewards for the sugar daddies seem more ambiguous, but it can be assumed that they are paying for more than just riveting conversation with these young women.

According to SeekingArrangment, which was founded in 2006 by self confessed dating-expert Brandon Wade, 225,000 of it’s members are students. 82 per cent of these are undergrads and 69 per cent are Caucasian.

CEO Brandon, who once claimed love is a concept made up by poor people, said: “While some students choose debt or slog away at low paying jobs, university Sugar Babies are afforded a lifestyle of higher quality and allows students to focus on their studies.

“Some see this as a controversial solution. However, has helped facilitate hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of arrangements that have helped students graduate debt-free. That’s more than anyone can say for Parliament or university bodies.”

Top ten UK universities by total members:

  1. Kent – 724
  2. Cambridge – 704
  3. Nottingham – 671
  4. Manchester – 562
  5. St. Andrews – 533
  6. Westminster – 522
  7. Bristol – 518
  8. Glasgow Caledonian – 516
  9. Leeds – 423
  10. Exeter – 422