Two Notts third years are delivering roses around Lenton for Valentines Day


Two third years are playing Cupid this Valentine’s Day by offering home rose deliveries for Notts students, so you can send a rose to your significant other, your secret Hallward crush or just to stitch up your mate.

Politics and Economics student, Matt Wilson and Geography and Business student, James Gracey started Rose Bros to operate for one weekend only this Valentine’s Day. The boys are offering one package on their Facebook page which includes a handcrafted wooden rose, five free kiss coupons and a personalized card and envelope, with the option for the message to be read out as a voice gram.

The lucky recipient will get their gift delivered by one of the boys suited and booted in a tux, to add a bit of Valentines class.

Ooh la la

Matt told the Tab: “Over a few beers at Christmas, we were talking about how the idea used to work so well at school and the buzz it used to create and more importantly how much fun it was sending prank roses to your mate and seeing their reaction. We thought it could work at a uni level and thought it would be a good laugh to give it a go.

“We also realized that buying a valentines gift for someone you are not in a relationship may seem a bit weird but a simple rose and some kiss coupons is much more light hearted and is a great way to indicate how you feel without being the creepy guy who buys a Pandora’s bracelet for someone he’s got with once at Ocean.

“We think people need Rose Bros because romance is dead. Whilst in Paris over the summer (to watch England v France not a romantic trip) we were sat at dinner and a friends older sister asked us what the most romantic gesture we have ever done – to which one of the replies was ‘put on a glow in the dark condom'”.

“It really is very simple – all you have to do is visit the Rose Bros Facebook shop and order online, enter the shipping address of your valentine (or your unsuspecting mate) and checkout.”

The boys have even said that if you only have a name they will try and track your crush down but to message them specifically in this case. Rose Bros will then contact you via email or text to ask what you would like written in the card and whether you would like it to be anonymous or not and read out as a voice gram.

Fun coupons

“Some of the messages to date have been jokes, we’ve had an a mysterious message which simply reads ‘from the tall dark handsome guy from Caramello’ and quite an Inbetweeners-esque entry: ‘Dear ****, you massive stud, please please spaff on my tits, from your valentines bitch. P.S and on my face’.”

The two Lotharios are also offering a 20 per cent discount for all Tab readers with the code: TAB20.