What does your Crisis entry time say about you?

Ballers only in the Black Cherry Lounge

9:30PM – the Rookie

Maybe you’re keen to spend 8 hours in a club, but lets be honest, you’ve probably just cocked up.

Your lack of ticket-purchase-punctuality (TPP) means that you can kiss a sweet, sweet goodbye to your pre-drinks and swap it for a tepid road beer on your way out. You’re probably a fresher and simply didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. When all this dawns upon you, you’ll start desperately trawling the buy/sell page in the hope that some altruist/masochist will swap their VIP ticket with yours, in order to escape an extra hour or so of borderline sober clubbing on an empty dancefloor. You will get no sympathy here, nor in buy/sell.


10:00PM – the Hapless

Last time, you had to get a taxi there on your own, because all your mates had later entry and didn’t want to leave early with you. You weren’t going to let that happen again. But it did.

You were there on the website early, in anticipation – hammering the refresh key. But you weren’t quick enough – unprepared for the surge in All-Nighter website traffic. Maybe you should’ve forked out for that 100mb Virgin broadband package after all. Don’t worry, you’ll see your mates in the club.

Please… load…

11:00PM – the Veteran

You’ve been sinking VK’s and Jägerbombs since day one. You’re a well seasoned crisis-goer, and it shows. You want a decent length pres, but what you’re really looking forward to is hitting that dance floor. You were either lightning quick on ticket release day, sourced a ticket from one of your BNOC pals or have shown commendable persistence/extremely good chat on the buy/sell page – so you’ve bagged your perfect entry time. Enjoy it. Well done my friend.

She can’t drink them quick enough

11:30PM VIP BCL Entrance – the Priveleged

For you, money is no object. You’re prepared pay that extra 2 quid for the satisfaction of waltzing in through the Black Cherry Lounge whilst the rest of the plebs freeze to death in the longest queue known to man. Hell, the VIP queue isn’t even that much quicker – but who wants to share queue space with the poor people anyway?

1:30AM – the Sloth

All-Nighters go till 6am, so why start so early? You need plenty of time to nap after a long, hard Wednesday morning’s work. Plus, you’ve got five episodes of Making a Murderer to catch up on. But, when the time comes, you’re also a social animal, who understands the importance of a good pre. Your late entry also means you can roll up absolutely twatted after a long session, and save on drinks in the club. For you, it’s a no-brainer.