The sad demise of Nottingham’s Yik Yak

It had to die out at some point

Well, the day has come. You thought the jokes would never end, you thought Yik Yak would last forever.

What happened? What was once a platform for killer one liners and indirect bitching about annoying flat mates, now has become a trove of the most bland and bizarre chat thanks to Nottingham’s biggest characters.

Here are just some of the finest examples to prove it.

firstly, totally unhygienic. Secondly, Zoophilia is a crime and has been since 1290 AD.

Well I guess someone had to say it.

Yeah mate got full dragon armour init.

Cheers mum

Some real world advice from light-bulb.

omg that’s well funny mate, I can’t deal with how irresponsible you are

A burning desire we all share.


Oh how the mighty have fallen. RIP Yik Yak.