BNOC of the Year: The finalists

The time has come


Winner of Round 1 – Dai Champion 

The guy on the right

The guy on the right

Dai’s popularity is undeniable as he stormed to the front with 49 per cent of the vote.

This guy can’t go a day without his presence on Ekho being documented by his legion of fans.

Dai is also a “social member” of the American Football team and is a frequent attendee of Crisis where he famously quoted: “Who are the nineties and the noughties?”

Winner of Round 2 – Kelly Marks

With 35 per cent of the vote and beating 3 of her housemates to it, this proclaimed “big dog of the NWL Jew scene” is the winner of round two.

It’s no wonder since Kelly loves to go out, knows where to source all the tickets for all the big nights and practically lives in Hallward.

Winner of Round 3 – Mary McCarthy

Also with 35 per cent of the vote, Leeds gal Mary is victorious of round three.

Mary is not only the legend of the hockey field but also the buy and sell page and Hugh Stew week one.

Winner of round 4 – Dan Rattigan 

When your mates dress up as you for seven legged you know you’re the ultimate BNOC.

While Dan is now SU royalty we all know being crowned BNOC of the year solidifies you as champion of the campus popularity contest.

Winner of round 5 – Gary Lou

With 40 per cent of the vote, the beautifully haired Gary Lou is the winner of round five.

It is mainly down to his BNOC status on ekho that made Gary rise to extreme popularity and take this round by storm.

“If you don’t know me yet, I am quite a big name on ekho, as well the first and the only person to be featured on ekho so far. My unexpected ekho trend has made me an accidental BNOC.

“My hair makes me easy to recognise by the public and i get my name posted on ekho everytime I go to lectures/portland/around campus.”