BNOC of the year: Heat 1

Their names speak for themselves

In the first round of the first annual BNOC of the year contest, we bring you four chaps who have been nominated by their less popular mates who bask in their fame.

Josh North

Josh North

Apparently his name speaks for itself – according to his nomination.

Marco Ciao

Marco Ciao
This Italian stallion is frequently featured on the Tab’s crisis photobooth section looking dapper as ever in his bow tie. The only bloke to ever have rejected Karni because he was just too cool. He is apparently constantly followed by a trail of ladies thirsty for that Italian-Chinese blend.

Dai Champion


Fresher Dai Champion’s presence has been made known on the uni ekho page. Starstruck students frequently post sightings such as “OMG just seen Dai Champion at the ice hockey varsity!!!”

Dai is also a “social member” of the American Football team, frequenting Crisis and exciting those who spot him in the smoking area. He contributes to the occasional Crisis video, where he was quoted saying: “Who are the nineties and the noughties?”

Winners of this heat will go into a final with the rest of the popular dick heads you hate to love.