It’s Erection Day: Political hopeful Tory soc Pres in poster blunder

Keep it up

A ham-fisted flyer plastered the word ERECTION next to the smiling face of Nottingham’s Tory President. 


The blooper is hard to miss.

Political hopeful Alex Bright, a third year politics student, is running for council in his hometown of Southend.

With the election just around the corner campaigning competition is fierce. But Tory fanboy Alex appeared on a flyer with the typo howler only a few days before the vote.

But his well humoured running mate, MP James Duddridge, invited voters to “keep it up”.

Such an obvious and difficult mistake to make could just be a publicity stunt- R is a fair stretch from L on a keyboard.

James Duddridge, MP for Southend, who grins next to Alex on the flyer, said: “Always have someone to proof read your leaflet. This one had no imprint and mentions Erection Day. Keep it up!”

Nottingham’s Conservative society, NUCA, are no strangers to controversy. In 2013 they were blasted for discussing rape and sexual assault, when they asked: “Are women who dress provocatively more likely to be victims of sexual assault?”

Their social media accounts were repeatedly hacked last year, when posts appeared saying “Nick Griffin is our actual bae” and “Farage 4 King”.

Alex was unable to comment on the flyers, and only said: “I’m just out campaigning at the moment.”

Well, lets hope he wasn’t using the same flyers.