I went to a strip club in Portugal and now there’s a pole in my room

I’m not a stripper but I am stronger than you

In my first year I went on holiday to Portugal and ended up in a strip club with my mates. 

I was mesmerised by the women moving on stage.

You would think being in a strip club with two other girls watching a beautiful Brazilian women take her clothes off hanging by just her feet would be degrading, right?

But then a few male strippers came over and explained how strong her core was and how fluidly she moved. It wasn’t just about how perfect her boobs and legs were.

It wasn’t degrading because she owned it.




She owned her sexuality and she dominated the whole club — and every man that came in there.

So two years later when I decided to get fit, I thought why not give pole dancing a go?

I am so done with tedious and painful gym classes so I wanted to do something fun.




It’s a sexy sport and you look great in every position. You also build incredible core strength.

Although the moves look tricky, if you’re quite fit and strong its actually pretty easy to pick up.

Buddying up with a mate just adds to the experience.




You can make your own moves up and it’s a great creative outlet.

And if you get into it and your bedroom is big enough, you can get a spinning pole and have super sexy dancing sessions with your friends.

If you want to join a in class, head over to Xercise4Less on Fridays 8pm till 9pm with the fab Amy Court.