Andy Ho Ho Ho is bringing in the Christmas cheer

It’s the most wonderful night of the week

The King of Ocean has taken on a new appearance for the festive season, changing his name to Andy Ho Ho Ho. 

The Hoe has impressed us with his punny name and magnificent knitted beard – although Sol is more of a summertime beverage.


Andy revealed how he loves all things Christmas.

He said: “We are pretty festive in my house. My Xmas consists of four student free weeks of eating, drinking and getting fat and Christmas films.

“Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and The Santa Clause are definitely the top three.”

Andy hoe santa

The Hoe did admit that he can be as naughty as he is nice when Ocean goers try their luck.

He said: “I try and be as nice (and fair) as possible. But there is the odd occasion that my Scrooge side rears its ugly head if necessary.”

Andy told this drunken reveler to “piss off home”. Judging by his picture, was probably more than fair.

this guy

However the King of the waves has often proved himself more Santa than Scrooge on his Facebook page.

His profile is stocked with photos and status’s about the students that attend the biggest night of the week – he even has his own elves.

student elves

If you need any more evidence that Andy Hoe is Nottingham’s answer to Santa look no further. Christmas has definitely come early with this picture.

andy hoe as santa lad lol