My lecturers aren’t good enough and my degree is a glorified library membership

Why do I even bother


I’ve been at the University of Nottingham for almost a year and a half now, and simply put my lecturers have all been shit.

I do occasionally stroll down to my lecture theatre when my alarm decides to go off and I do occasionally listen in my lectures. Yet every time I’m in a lecture the only thoughts running through my head are: “This is pointless” and “I should’ve stayed in bed”.

It's just so hard when it's so pretty

It’s just so hard when it’s so pretty

Time after time, I question what my tuition fees actually pay for, because I for one learn nothing from someone who literally reads off a slide show word for word for an hour and a half.

I will walk into a lecture hall, sit there for five minutes and it will quickly dawn upon me that I probably could explain what the lecturer was trying to say better than they could.      

That’s not me trying to sound egotistical, that’s just how bad they actually are.

These people are meant to be experts in what they do, they write books and studies with their infinite knowledge on said subject. Yet as soon as they enter lecture theatres they are nothing more than people that repeat what you had learnt at school.


Tell me something I don’t know Professor

In fact last year one of my lecturers could not even explain what an asset was correctly and she was meant to be an expert in accounting. After that I stopped listening. This seems to be a regular occurrence after five minutes.

This is not just an issue with accounting though.

I asked fellow students on what they thought about their standard of lecturers.

Max, who studies Business Management, said: “It is never worth my time going to lectures and most of them are very poor at explaining things.”

Another student also named Max who studies Geography and Business said: “It is difficult to concentrate when all they do is talk out their arses.”

I think there’s a general consensus here.

This is a Russell Group university. We shouldn’t have to be complaining about the quality of education we are receiving and we shouldn’t have the mind set that lectures aren’t worth going to.

Even if someone obtained a reputable degree from Nottingham, it’s likely that they wouldn’t be ready for the working world because they wouldn’t have learnt much here.

Gurl, you got fine written all over you

Hallward is raking it in

I have come across far too many individuals who have labelled their degree as “an over glorified library membership”.

This is certainly not how I envisaged my degree to be when applying for universities, and I definitely would not have a good word to say about my lecturers if formally asked about it.