Girls who threw tame house party on Kimbo fined by uni

You might be next

A hapless girls house have been fined by the uni for holding tame parties on the weekend – and can’t have any more for another year.

The five badasses have been held accountable for turning up the volume on their portable speakers and throwing a house party on Kimbolton Avenue on a Friday night.

The uni found them in breach of the code of conduct and gave them a suspended fine.

This was in spite of there not being enough time for anything interesting to happen.

One of the girls, who asked to remain anonymous in case they angered the powers that be, said: “The party wasn’t even particularly loud. I had wilder parties when I was 15.”

house party

Just before midnight, a PCSO visited the property and warned the rowdy residents to turn the music down.

Through beer goggles, two of the girls made their apologies as they were politely warned the uni would be contacted if orders were not followed.

Shortly after, four angry-faced local police officers turned up to punish the increasingly drunk offenders. One girl recalls that among them was the first PCSO, who had visited the property half an hour earlier.

“When they turned up the second time, I just hid upstairs thinking… do I hand myself in?

“They said we hadn’t turned it down what they said but we had turned the music down. It wasn’t particularly loud, although the lounge and kitchen were full.”


The local authority then informed the tipsy students that the party was over and if anyone were to leave the premises with alcohol, they would receive an £80 fine.

The girls followed orders and preceded to escort their drunken house-full out onto the street.

After the hangover had subsided, each house member received an email from the university.

It said: “I am in receipt of a report from the police regarding a noisy party at the above address.

“I am therefore investigating breaches of the University of Nottingham’s Student Code of Conduct in relation to anti-social behaviour.”


A meeting was then to follow, where each girl would get the chance to make her case.

“We had to give our version of events.

“Who fucking reads the code of conduct anyway.

“We’ve heard surrounding ones that are way worse. I heard about a party last week that was a right coke fest and went on till 5am. Nothing happened to them.”

The second email came with a kick in the teeth when the girls realised they had a heavy price to pay for their misdemeanours.


The house were found in breach of Section C 8.1 – Misconduct under the code by an action which damages the institution”.

Records would be filled, departments would be notified and a time frame of re-offending was to be imposed.

Second year Helen, who went to the party, said: “Why did they even have to tell their lecturers. In case they started a party in the middle of a bloody lecture?”

The five girls are now facing a year of no house parties and fear of pres becoming out of control.

One house member said: “I feel like they were trying to make an example of us.”

“We’ve been painted as criminals and we’ve done nothing wrong. The Police wouldn’t contact your employer when you’re older if a party got out of hand…it’s ridiculous.”

Some guests of the party reflected on the tame party.

Joe said: “Yeah I guess people were drunk but it was quite early to be shut down.”