Locked out couple leave underwear in neighbours living room after bonking on their beanbag

Get a room?

A hunt is underway to find the owner of personal items abandoned after a steamy romp in a stranger’s house.

The mysterious couple left a pair of ladies’ underwear and a phone, after using a stranger’s living room for some covert coitus at the top of Lenton.

The personal effects were found by baffled second year Ryan Sefton, who has no idea who the girl or her partner in crime were.

shag re enact

A recreation of the scene in the boys’ front room

He posted a picture of the items on the buy/sell tickets group on facebook. It has since been liked over 600 times.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Ryan said: “I was woken up by my housemate Joe banging on the door at 6:30 in the morning because he’s a spud and he forgot his keys.

“He had a guy with him who I didn’t know but I thought nothing of it.

“The next day, we found out they had met minutes earlier because they were both locked out of their houses.

“He had asked Joe if he could bring a girl he had pulled in our house because he couldn’t get into his.”

The lost undies

The lost undies

Joe, who was “very intoxicated” at this point, gladly let the lovers into the living room, described as “a shit tip”.

The couple then proceeded to consummate their brief union, until rudely interrupted by third housemate Lewis.

“I got back from ocean about 4ish and went to have a look in my front room to see if anyone was up.

“To my surprise I found two randomers banging in the middle of our lounge.

“I asked them who the fuck they were, and to leave but they claimed they knew Joe.I then went to confirm this with Joe and then went to bed.”

The boys have since recovered from the invasion of the randomers and just want to reunite the mystery girl with her personal items.


And the abandoned Samsung

The Lads eloquently told the Tab: “We’re just trying to do the right thing for the poor cow.”

The post,on the now famous Buy/Sell tickets group has got significant attention, including admiration from Andy Hoe himself.

andy hoe

Do you know the mysterious pantie-less girl? Have you ever left your pants in a strangers house?

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